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The People Dividend Podcast

Sep 14, 2021

Welcome to another episode of The Authentic Change Podcast, I am Mike Horne, your host and I am joined today by Carole Burton to have an amazing conversation on integrity and authenticity. Today, Carole shares her experience on ethics, equity, and adaptability. Carolee is the founder and facilitator of Radiance Resources and podcast host of Radiance Real Talk.


Key Takeaways:

[1:57] Carole shares about herself and what brought her to her work path.

[6:12] Carole talks about the effects of bringing integrity and equity to the workplace.

[7:21] Are we able to bring our whole selves to where we live and work?

[8:33] How do we live our lives with purpose?

[10:30] Can people really change?

[11:33] Vulnerability is the cornerstone of empowering leadership.

[12:20] Carole shares an example to describe the hardships of being vulnerable.

[17:22] Carole shares her observations about integrity issues between individuals in a peer.

[20:35] Where do you set your bar?

[23:10] How are you developing your relationships?

[24:50] Carole gives her recommendation to create meaningful worker-centred places.

[28:04] Carole talks about the importance of being able to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.


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