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The People Dividend Podcast

Jan 18, 2022

Welcome to another episode of The Authentic Change Podcast, I am Mike Horne, your host and I am joined today by Dino Cattaneo. Dino is a Leadership Advisor, Executive Coach, and Advisor, he works in strategy and digital transformation, and he also hosts a podcast named Authentic Leadership for Everyday People.

In today’s episode, Dino and I are talking about how everyone can exercise leadership in their everyday life, we discuss the meanings of integrity and authenticity, and we dive deep into how we can become the best version of ourselves starting by being open, transparent, and vulnerable.


Key Takeaways:

[4:01] Dino talks about himself.

[9:06] Dino shares how he made the decision to leave his job and start his own consulting business.

[13:14] Dino talks about the beginnings of his career as a coach.

[15:39] Give yourself the opportunity to do what you love to do.

[17:58] Integrity is a quality, authenticity is a state.

[19:17] What is authentic leadership for everyday people?

[25:23] Everyone can exercise leadership.

[28:45] Dino explains why now is a fascinating time to work on leadership.

[29:08] Dino extends his advice to everyone intending to become the best version of themselves in 2022.

[34:15] Integrity often gets tested.

[35:33] How do you measure success?

[37:44] How can we encourage more trust in relationships?

[40:45] Having the ability to learn and embrace frustration is courageous.

[41:25] Dino talks about the ability to assess consequences.

[43:06] Dino gives advice through music: be yourself no matter what they say.


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