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The People Dividend Podcast

May 17, 2022

“I wouldn't be in business for 20 years, if we didn't relentlessly focus on not just initiating great relationships, but nurturing those and sustaining those,” shares David Nour, CEO of Nour Group, a world-class global revenue growth advisory and managing services firm. David joins host Mike  Horne in conversation to talk about ways to empower leaders to build, scale, and refine their businesses. 

In the right environment, employees feel safe to test new ideas and make their unique voices heard. In order to attract and retain the best talent for your organization, the focus needs to be on building and maintaining relationships. The best business leaders are always learning and keeping up the tenacity they had in the early days of the company. When complacency hits, growth slows to a halt. By focusing on sustaining relationships, elevating the voices of employees from all different backgrounds, and continuing to push the envelope by trying new things, leaders can ensure their business will continue to expand and succeed. 

Tune into this week’s episode of the Authentic Change Podcast to learn more about the best way to empower leaders to build their businesses to both achieve and maintain successful growth. 



“If you can build an environment where people can quickly test ideas, you can hopefully quickly figure out what worked, what didn't, and be willing to kill 999 flowers to grow that one oak tree.” (6:09-6:23)

“What happens over time is in some ways, success breeds complacency.” (8:35-8:40)

“The day you stop learning, and stop growing as a leader, manager, and individual contributor, is the day you become complacent. And the day you become complacent, you're no longer valuable to your biggest asset, which I believe are your relationships.” (9:34-9:48)

“I wouldn't be in business for 20 years if we didn't relentlessly focus on not just initiating great relationships, but nurturing and sustaining them.” (21:48-22:00)

“I am always going to want the best version of you. I'm always going to push you to show up in the best possible version of yourself. And you may not be able to see that version, but I can see the ingredients. And when you come up short, I'm disappointed for you because I know what you're capable of.” (26:04-26:26)

“It goes back to making the time and creating the space so others can be heard and feel valued. It is important that others feel like their ideas, their perspectives, and their voice matter.” (30:13-30:26)


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