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The People Dividend Podcast

May 24, 2022

“Having healthy self esteem allows you to be a better leader,” explains Nenuca Syquia, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Organizations By Design, a BIPOC and woman owned management consulting firm that designs scalable organizations. Nenuca joins Mike Horne in conversation to talk about the link between self-esteem and leadership and the importance of leadership within organizations.

Leaders with low self-esteem often cause their teams to suffer and can be a major contributing factor to a toxic work environment. Many leaders have been promoted based on their technical abilities with no regard for their individual esteem or leadership qualities. This can cause leaders to be less effective and engage in toxic behaviors like being territorial, hypercritical, or resistant to receiving feedback. It is important to prioritize a leader's self-esteem because leaders are ulitmately responsible for creating the culture at an organization. 

Tune into this week’s episode of the Authentic Change Podcast to learn more about the connection between self-esteem and leadership and why it is so important to promote leaders who are confident. 


“Leaders are so critical in terms of making or breaking companies.” (4:24-4:32 | Nenuca)

“I know people joke about hating Mondays, but if you actually really do hate Mondays, I would invite you to do some introspection as to why that actually is because there might be something about your work environment that's making that happen.” (6:37-6:50 | Nenuca)

“Having healthy self-esteem allows you to be a better leader and people who don't have that, their teams suffer.” (8:29-8:37 | Nenuca)

“Asking for external help is an act of courage.” (30:01-30:05 | Nenuca)


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