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The People Dividend Podcast

Aug 1, 2023

“As leaders no matter what business you're in, you're tasked with leading change,” states host Mike Horne. The first half of season four has contained many valuable insights from guests who are leaders of authentic change within their organizations. They have spoken on everything from coaching to organizational and executive development, diversity and inclusion, and the ai revolution. Today, Mike shares highlights from episodes 72 through 85 for this special 100th episode celebration of Authentic Change Podcast. 

In Episode 72, Dr. Toby Travis spoke on the high level of trust required for those in leadership roles to be successful. Then, in Episode 73, Dr. Beth Banks shared her tips for architecting change on an organizational level. In Episode 74, John Sanders talked about the importance of building and optimizing teams, explaining that leaders regardless of industry are always responsible for leading change. Next, Gina Riley spoke about the importance of networking and the types of things that can derail the career transition process. In Episode 76, Kevin Palmieri shared his love of podcasting, discovered while falling out of love with his corporate career. In 77, Fatima Mirza discussed AI and the tools that are available to assist people with their job searches. Then, Brenda Pack spoke about designing inclusive workspaces and the unfortunately common experience of feeling like an outsider as a minority woman in the workplace. In Episode 79, Hortense la Gentil spoke on being authentic and connecting with your true self, flowing into an episode with Laurie Smith on utilizing the power of your voice to unleash executive presence. In Episode 82, Douglas Spencer shared personal branding strategies, explaining how the generations differ in their approach to brand loyalty. In 83, Robert White shares that good leadership is based on good relationships. Then, in 84, Dr. Jan Freed discussed leaving a breadcrumb legacy. Lastly, episode 85 featured Beth Ridley who went into a deeper explanation of diversity and the importance of recognizing all the things that make each person unique. 

Part one of season four was filled with wisdom from the best leaders in their fields and the second half of the season was no exception. Be sure to subscribe to the Authentic Change Podcast if you have not already to be among the first to listen to Episode 101 which will feature highlights from episodes 86 through 99. 


  • “Episode 100 is major milestone for the Authentic Change Podcast.” (2:34 | Mike) 

  • “One of the things that Toby said that absolutely resonated with me was, without a high level of trust in those who are in leadership positions, organizations do not experience the kind of growth or success that they desire.” (3:07 | Mike)

  • “As leaders no matter what business you're in, you're tasked with leading change.” (4:30 | Mike)

  • “You have to be aligned if you want to be authentic, a powerful reminder expressed eloquently by Hortense la Gentil in episode 79 of Authentic Change.” (6:51 | Mike)

  • “In our episode, organizational culture consulting with Beth Ridley, she says, when we think of diversity in the United States, we tend to start and end with the visible things that we can see, race and gender, which are really important. But I think if people really want to get the most out of your talent, you've got to really appreciate everything that makes people unique.” (9:11 | Mike) 

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