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The People Dividend Podcast

Aug 8, 2023

"In Episode 101 of Authentic Change, I am absolutely delighted to usher in season five," says Mike Horne. He expresses his gratitude for the guests who appeared during season four and their valuable insights on living and leading authentically. Mike announces that the new season will begin with Episode 101 and highlights the 14 guests who appeared in the latter half of season four. He also references the previous episode, Episode 100, which provided highlights from the first half of season four, and encourages listeners to stay tuned for upcoming episodes in season five.

In Episodes 86 to 99, various guests shared valuable insights on leadership and personal growth. From addressing generational divides to fostering positive change, each episode emphasized different aspects of effective leadership. Themes like courage, authenticity, humility, and open communication emerged as crucial elements in building successful careers and organizations. The guests highlighted the importance of understanding and embracing failure, while also emphasizing the significance of deep listening, building networks, and considering the people side of change. Together, these episodes offered a comprehensive guide to becoming better leaders and creating a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Each guest in season four shared valuable insights that will undoubtedly inspire leaders and coaches to approach their roles with renewed understanding and purpose. As the new season commences with Episode 101, Mike Horne encourages listeners to continue their journey of authentic change with engaging discussions and expert interviews. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast, check out the show notes for further resources, and stay tuned for more thought-provoking episodes that will empower you to live and lead authentically.


  • "We're dealing with multifaceted, really challenging problems on several different fronts. And it just gets very hard to focus on them and the day to day fires that are burning in our organization." (03:27 | Caleb Gardner)

  • "If you look at the type of high performer, high achiever personality, at the top of the pyramid of performers... they will also have very similar purposes behind why they are achieving at a very high level. And usually, it's not a very positive reason." (04:27 | Arsalan Al Hashimi)

  • "I think what happened Mike is, we didn't fully acknowledge that the people side of the change coin was always there." (08:17 | Tim Creasey)

  • "Any leader needs to be aware of how people are behaving behind the scenes, what they're saying when the boss leaves the room, and using tactics to create more openness." (10:32 | Sophia Kristjansson)

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