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The People Dividend Podcast

Aug 15, 2023

"Being true and real to yourself is a really genuine asset of being an authentic leader. And I think demonstrating that 24/7 can be a truly difficult thing to do but something that we need to work on every single day," says Jennifer Krippner, the Chief Experience Officer at the Institute for Healthcare Excellence. Join us as Mike and Jennifer have an insightful conversation discussing the vital role of authentic leadership and human-centered care in the healthcare industry. Jennifer's passion for building and nurturing relationships shines as she explores how to foster genuine connections among leaders, physicians, nurses, and patients, creating an environment where everyone thrives.

Being a true leader can be challenging. As we are all just human, we can make mistakes. There is a constant need from leaders to maintain authenticity in the face of demanding schedules and productivity measures. Delving into the concept of experiential learning, today’s conversation highlights the value of practicing essential skills, such as mindfulness, presence, and reflective listening. With a focus on authentic leadership and human-centered care, Jennifer shares her wealth of expertise from over 25 years in the healthcare industry. 

Together, Mike and Jennifer explore how cultivating positive emotions, like gratitude and inspiration can contribute to a thriving workplace culture while countering the prevalent issue of burnout. The episode offers valuable insights for leaders and professionals seeking to foster an environment of human-centered care and authentic leadership within the healthcare industry.


  • “I think it takes the leader from the very top to really show that resilient, accountable, human centered focus, to kind of walk the walk, talk the talk, and show that it is okay to show up and have some of those essential skills like being present and being visible with your teams.” (07:17 |Jennifer Krippner)

  • “How do we enhance the skills that we have as a team, and how can we truly nurture one another in a way that builds each other up so that when it comes to receiving those patients and families in healthcare, we are at our best, we're in a state of thriving as a team. Regardless of our specialty, regardless of our gender, regardless of our ethnic background, we are truly working together, kind of in that optimal flow.” (15:40 |Jennifer Krippner)

  • “I think practicing mindfulness and presence is such the core and the foundation of really being your best self. And bringing your authentic self right to your work into your life.” (26:23 |Jennifer Krippner)


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