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The People Dividend Podcast

Aug 22, 2023

At the heart of thriving organizations lies trust, the cornerstone that upholds enduring success. By prioritizing communication, integration, and empowerment, leaders create an environment where trust flourishes, paving the way for lasting achievements. Dr. Leonel Peña, a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army and co-founder of the Brigify Group, delves into this topic in the Authentic Change Podcast.

Drawing from his journey, Dr. Peña emphasizes effective communication and integration across departments. This synergy dismantles silos and fosters a harmonious environment, allowing trust to thrive. Dr. Peña champions well-rounded leadership and strategic succession planning. Nurturing individuals who embody trust and possess diverse skills empowers organizations to navigate the future with confidence.

With trust at the core, coupled with open communication, organizations can redefine their trajectories for enduring success. Tune in to the Authentic Change Podcast for a journey redefining leadership and organizational development.


  • Trust is one of those primary keys. You've got to have trust and good communication. And so that when you make a decision, everybody knows and understands that all the various facets of that decision were considered." (07:03 | Dr. Leonel Peña)

  •  "Empowerment is another way to combat that zero trust." (16:10 | Dr. Leonel Peña)

  •  "Leadership is our business. The Army has been in the leadership business for over 239 years." (28:18 | Dr. Leonel Peña)

  •  "It's basically good business for everybody to understand each other and everybody be able to understand where everybody's coming from in terms of cultural aspects." (30:59 | Dr. Leonel Peña)

  •  "Trust is huge. And the research has shown that organizations that score high in trust, score high all around, specifically in their success and in their bottom line too." (33:44 | Dr. Leonel Peña) 



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