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The People Dividend Podcast

Aug 29, 2023

“The more authentic you can be, then you're not having to try to do something or be someone that you're not,” says Ray LeCara, Jr., certified life coach and educational consultant, “And it really touches each part of our lives.” Indeed, answering the basic question of “Who are you, really?” (which is the title of Ray’s book) helps align ourselves with our best career path, and the best education to help us reach our goals. It then leads to further important questions such as “Why am I doing this?” “Why is this important” and whether what we’re doing is serving our current purpose and needs. The answers help us hone in on our true passions and purpose in life, leading to a life imbued with more meaning and improvement in all areas from leadership at work, to personal relationships, and even time management. 

An advocate of lifelong learning, Ray has watched many people pursue all types of education at all stages of life. Still so many adults report struggling to complete their goals because they are not honest about who they really are and what they really want to do. Ray founded Authentic Embassy Consulting following a move to the West Coast which was part of his and his wife’s shared mission to live with intent and included Ray supporting his wife while she studied to become a sous chef. 

In addition to helping others see their own creative goals come to fruition, Ray writes fiction, including a torn timeline series in which the protagonist seeks to find his true purpose in life. By coming more in line with who you truly are and what you want, you, too, can learn to become the hero of your own story, and as Ray puts it,  “live, love, lead and learn profoundly.” 


  • “I believe that life is really about empowering others, especially if you can help them to access their most authentic selves. Because it's through that, that we're able to live, love, lead and even learn.” (4:21 | Ray)

  • “The more authentic you can be, then you won’t have to try to do something or be someone that you're not.” (13:03 | Ray) 

  • “Being authentic is really about recognizing those things that mean something to you, and then passing them on to other people and recognizing that. It’s the same thing with learning at all ages.” (13:49 | Ray)

  • “That same thing with learning at all ages is, ‘Why am I doing this? What's the purpose of an education..and does it tap into that student's authentic self?” (13:58 | Ray)

  • “It's really about articulating what it is that we do and finding meaning in that understanding that your life, your voice, everything is really important. We just don't own up to that.” (22:57 | Ray)


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