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The People Dividend Podcast

Sep 19, 2023

“Resilience is our ability to go into diversity and come out stronger,” says Dr. Marie-Helene, an award-winning practicing psychologist with over 20 years experience in clinical psychology and advisory workplace psychology. Dr. Marie-Helene’s forthcoming book will help you to form your own resilience plan based on your core values both personal and professional and the various demands and sources of supply around you both positive and negative. A cookie cutter approach, she explains, is not effective. Instead, you must build a strategy that is realistically implementable and individualized. 

Resilience is not a personality trait, nor does it provide immunity to troubles. Rather, anyone can build resilience over time and is a strong protective factor to our mental health and provides healing from burnout, creating more space for happiness. It also changes over time, influenced by various factors represented in our daily lives. 

On today’s episode of Authentic Change, Dr. Marie-Helene offers steps to take to create your own resilience strategy, which considers physical health and nutrition, protecting our relationships, and elements such as time spent in nature or volunteering. The sooner you start building and nurturing your resilience resource the faster you will begin to heal, and with just a small investment of time, you’ll soon be on your way!


  • “Things are continuing to change, and the level of change, the pace of change is continuing probably to increase, which in itself, if that's the reality, that's the reality, what's most important is that we just adapt how we work with it and become agile in creating plans that are that we can modify and evolve over time.” (6:11 | Dr. Marie-Helene)

  • “A cookie cutter approach is not working. We're still seeing the burnout rates, we're still seeing increases. And so in burnout in mental health challenges in general. So just having this information is not cutting it. We need to be strategic about it.” (8:24 | Dr. Marie-Helene)

  • “Resilience is not immunity, I would call it a protective factor. It’s protecting us. But it's not solid immunity.” (16:03 | Dr. Marie-Helene) 

  • “The key to experiencing that sense of flow and happiness is being clear on what our values are–and everyone is clear on a few values. I'm talking about many of your values– going a bit broader and deeper. Because that clarity, then, and the alignment between that clarity and how we build our daily, weekly, monthly yearly life, will then have an impact on our sense of happiness.” (23:20 | Dr. Marie-Helene) 

  • “What I say in my work is that unhelpful thoughts will eat your best intentions for breakfast.” (29:36 | Dr. Marie-Helene)


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