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The People Dividend Podcast

Oct 10, 2023

Imagine a world where individuals facing systemic discrimination are empowered to reframe their problems and find solutions that not only benefit themselves but also improve the work environment for everyone. In this episode, Dr. Frank Douglas discusses his journey from academia to leadership roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He highlights the importance of equity and inclusion in organizations and emphasizes the need to empower individuals who are aggrieved by discrimination.

One powerful tool Dr. Douglas introduces is the concept of Victors in Overcoming Injustice in their Professions (VIPs). These individuals, who have overcome discrimination themselves, provide support and guidance to those facing similar challenges. By engaging with VIPs, aggrieved individuals feel heard and understood, while also gaining valuable perspectives on issues of equity and inclusion.

Dr. Douglas's approach goes beyond traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs by focusing on the individual and helping them reframe their problems. Through webinars, workshops, and his book, 'Addressing Systemic Discrimination by Reframing the Problem,' Dr. Douglas offers practical strategies for individuals to navigate and overcome discrimination in their professional lives.

If you're a leader or coach seeking fresh perspectives on authentic leadership and want to make a difference in eradicating systemic discrimination, Dr. Douglas's wisdom and experience will inspire you to challenge the status quo, empower individuals, and create a more inclusive and equitable work environment.



  • "So I decided that it would make sense to put a group together where we could focus on the individual and empower that individual to learn how to reframe problems and to find what I call a better problem to solve so that they can have the appropriate dialogue with the manager and come to a resolution that is not only important for them and not only gets them to their desired outcome, but also improves the work group that they're in.” (14:13 | Dr. Frank Douglas ) 

  • "The reframing process is about getting individuals to see the problems from their grief perspective, to walk in the person's shoes, and then to find a problem that not only meets the desired outcome of the aggrieved individual, but improves also the environment in which that aggrieved individual works." (28:13 | Dr. Frank Douglas) 

  • "It is very simple. If an aggrieved individual goes to have a conversation with a manager, and it's about all the problems that are happening to that individual, versus, here's a problem that is affecting the group, and here are some solutions for the group. And by the way, if we did this, it would also solve my problem. That's a different discussion." (28:46 | Dr. Frank Douglas )



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