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The People Dividend Podcast

Oct 17, 2023

"The secret to your success is really about how well you take care of yourself," says Luis Baez.

In this episode of the Authentic Change Podcast, host Mike Horne welcomes a special guest, Luis Baez, a Bronx-raised, proud gay, Puerto Rican-American, and former Silicon Valley C-suite professional. Luis is dedicated to serving online business owners, including consultants, coaches, B2B startups, and SaaS companies. With over 14 years of experience in sales and marketing, Luis brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

As an introvert, Luis shares his unique perspective on sales and entrepreneurship. Despite his natural inclination towards the background, he has found success by focusing on connecting with people, earning their trust, and stepping into a consultative and coaching role. Luis emphasizes the importance of authenticity in sales, encouraging professionals to be themselves and have the courage to admit when they don't have all the answers.

Throughout the episode, Luis discusses the changing landscape of business-to-business sales, particularly in the virtual realm. He highlights the need for personalized and engaging customer experiences, as well as the importance of surprising and delighting customers along their buying journey. Luis also shares his insights on the initial conversation between a coach and a prospect, emphasizing the need to focus on the prospect's needs and goals. Luis's ultimate goal is to empower and enable sales reps to take ownership of their book of business and create meaningful connections with customers.

Mike and Luis discuss the benefits of having a sales coach, including consistent growth, a flexible schedule, work-life balance, and a healthier lifestyle. Luis encourages listeners to prioritize self-care and take care of their mental and physical well-being, as it directly impacts their success in sales.



  • "We want to be thinking about, of course, designing customer experiences that meet them exactly where they expect to be met, but also think about the element or the opportunity of surprising and delighting." (13:29 | Luis Baez) 

  • "You have to help that person organize the chaos in their mind and articulate the problem, and then help them design the path to getting there." (16:10 | Luis Baez)

  • "Authenticity requires the additional layer of courage and making sure that you are expending that energy and showing up as yourself." (21:48 | Luis Baez)

  • "The secret to your success is really about how well you take care of yourself. Because the work that you do requires optimal quality of mind and body." (27:53 | Luis Baez)



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