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The People Dividend Podcast

Nov 7, 2023

Gentleman, have you ever felt like you're drifting through life without a clear direction or purpose? In the latest episode of the Authentic Change Podcast, host Mike Horne dives into this issue with Nico Lagan, entrepreneur, men's coach, and host of The Nico Lagan Show. Together, they explore Nico's transformative journey, recounting the pivotal moments that led him to champion the cause of helping men rediscover their true masculinity and purpose. 

Nico points out that many men today, feeling lost, often face feelings of depression and lack of direction. He believes that men’s purpose coaching can offer a lifeline, guiding men to rediscover their strength and drive. Nico believes there are  five essential virtues for men: courage, protection, provision, temperance, and faith. He talks about how courage is the foundation for all other virtues, highlighting the importance of being reliable and standing up for what's right. He also discusses the broader concept of protection, emphasizing the role of men in creating a supportive environment for their families. Provision, according to Nico, is about ensuring the well-being of one's family, both emotionally and financially. Lastly, temperance and faith underscore the importance of emotional balance and self-belief. 

Nico consistently stresses the importance of self-awareness and the need for regular self-reflection. He encourages men to reduce distractions, spend time outdoors, and prioritize their well-being. By doing this, he suggests, men can live more aligned and genuine lives. 


  • “The first step is always the same. Admit that there's a problem and the problem is you. And this is what I do. We started, we, we just, we just, we will deconstruct everything that you've built to make excuses. Once you accept the fact that your life is in the situation that it is in because of you, you can reclaim that power and say, with that in mind, what do I control?” (6:40 | Nico Lagan) 

  • “If I cannot trust that you're courageous, I cannot trust you as an individual because I never know who's going to show up depending on the situation in which we find ourselves in.” (33:06 | Nico Lagan)

  • “If you're not tempered, you're easily controllable. That means anybody out there can play with your feelings and make you react in a negative way because you're not controlled yet.” (41:37 | Nico Lagan) 

  • “How can you ever build self-confidence if you don't first believe in yourself? How can I create a new relationship with someone if I don't first believe that they are the person they say they are? And how can I ever find purpose in my life if I don't first believe that I was put here for a reason? This is what faith is to me.” (42:27 | Nico Lagan) 



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