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The People Dividend Podcast

Nov 14, 2023

Is it really possible to use technology to improve people performance?  Join Mike Horne in conversation with Jeremy Littlejohn, the visionary CEO and co-founder of With a wealth of leadership experience in the IT sector, Jeremy recounts his professional evolution, tracing the path from his 13-year leadership at Risk Networks through its acquisition by Flexera to the founding of HR Data Solutions and Team Rocket.

Can you predict engagement and performance in teams? Jeremy unveils a predictive analytics model originally crafted for sales teams. Boasting a 75-80% success rate in forecasting employee performance, he discusses the hurdles faced, particularly regarding data inconsistency and skepticism towards AI in HR processes, which ultimately steered him towards

This new venture,, promises a revolution in leader-to-employee communication, leveraging asynchronous video tools for a more nuanced and impactful exchange. Jeremy elaborates on its application in performance assessments, executive updates, and client relations, advocating for its less stressful and more personable approach.

In wrapping up, Jeremy imparts two foundational tips for entrepreneurial spirits: the criticality of enduring commitment to one's vision, and the imperative for leaders to personify the attributes they seek in their teams. He champions the concept of leading from the front, challenging HR executives to instill this ethos at the heart of corporate culture.


  • "Today we're focused heavily on really helping both leaders for their employees, and also marketers for their customers, put their authentic selfs out there." (03:31 | Jeremy Littlejohn)

  • “Performance reviews had become these things that were either solely so that I could remove an employee. I needed to do a performance review so that I can give you a bad review so that I can play a paper trail to move you out of the business. Or they were always tied to compensation. It was like, your performance review is really my decision about whether you're getting a raise or not, or a bonus. It wasn't really what performance reviews were designed to do, which was to say, let's have a talk about what the goals are and how we can improve or how I can help you.” (20:06 | Jeremy Littlejohn)

  • “The concept of AI or machine learning making a prediction about someone's future is uncomfortable.” (18:31 | Jeremy Littlejohn) 

  • “Whether it's being authentic, whether it's demonstrating core values for your business, whether it's being on video, it doesn't matter. If the leader doesn't do it, the employees are never going to do it. (33:14 | Jeremy Littlejohn)



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