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The People Dividend Podcast

Sep 21, 2021

Welcome to another episode of The Authentic Change Podcast, I am Mike Horne, your host and I am joined today by Dr. Michael Brainard (MA, MS, Ph.D.) who has over 15 years of experience as a management consultant, senior executive, executive coach, manager, entrepreneur, and researcher. Michael has worked with many executives and organizations across industries blending a strategic, behavioral, and experiential learning approach.

Michael shares how the world of consulting is shifting, since culture, strategy, access to global talent, and access to different markets are disrupting what we have known so far. In today’s conversation, Michael dives deep into how leaders are challenged in stressful circumstances, how the myth of perfection has been hurting leaders and highlights the importance of bringing vulnerability and humanness to leadership as the most relevant factors to promote growth and authentic relationships.


Key Takeaways:

[1:58] Mike shares about himself with the audience

[3:31] Michael talks about the upcoming changes in consulting.

[4:19] Culture by definition has been shifted by the work environment

[6:08] Michael talks about integrity in stressful circumstances and shares a valuable example.

[10:15] A man cannot be great in every moment of life but is great in transitions.

[13:02] Michael addresses the myth of perfection in leadership.

[14:10] It takes courage to be vulnerable.

[16:26] Leaders have to learn to own their gaps.

[17:28] Our brains are trained to function in a linear and systemic way, but the world in which we live is not linear neither systemic, it is rather pretty chaotic.

[20:39] How do we know if we are succeeding?

[25:38] The true definition of a leader lies in how they impact the lives of others.

[27:30] A leader has to care.

[30:31] Michael talks about humility and discipline as core aspects of an authentic leader.


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