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The People Dividend Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

Welcome to another episode of The Authentic Change Podcast, I am Mike Horne, your host and I am delighted to be joined today by Genein Letford. Genein is the author of Seven Gems of Intercultural Creativity: Diamond Connect Create and Innovate Across Cultural Lines. Genein Letford is an award-winning speaker, best-selling author, and corporate trainer on creative thinking and Intercultural Creativity™. She is the founder of CAFFE Strategies, and has inspired and led many to reconnect with their creative abilities in order to produce innovative ideas for an inclusive workspace. Her unique training intersects creative thinking development with building a culture of inclusion and belonging. She believes creative literacy is a critical skill and she is often called ‘America’s Creativity Coach’ for her work in reigniting creativity in our workforce.

Today, Genein dives deep into the meaning of intercultural creativity and its crucial importance in today’s workforce, she also explains in detail each of the seven gems which are the backbone of her latest book.


Key Takeaways:

[3:20] Genein talks about Intercultural Creativity.

[4:40] Genein talks about the origins of her work.

[6:24] Genein shares her definition of Creativity: Creativity is the process of problem finding and problem-solving with relevant value and novelty.

[7:26] Genein talks about what the research shows in regards to intercultural creativity.

[9:34] What comes after creativity?

[10:13] Genein talks about the seven gems: Growth mindset, Empathy, Cultural Observation.

[14:07] The fourth gem is cultural curiosity.

[16:19] The fifth gem is perspective taking and perspective-shifting.

[19:41] The sixth gem is authentic adaptation.

[22:24] Genein talks about the concept of integration.

[25:10] The seventh gem is being a bridge.

[29:05] How can we make the seven gems practical in the world of work?

[31:40] How can we connect better with each other?


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