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Authentic Change

Feb 21, 2023

“There’s a lot of AI tools out there that can help you with your job search,” shares Fatemah Mirza, founder of Career Tuners, a small team of certified resume writers, career coaches, and certified interview coaches. Today, Fatemah shares tips for fine tuning resumes, prepping for job interviews, and breaking into new careers or advancing in your current position.

Many companies use applicant tracking systems to search resumes for specific keywords. It is important to use a traditional easy to read format and the right wording in your resume if you don’t want the tracking system to completely skip over you. Practice interviewing by applying for some positions you aren’t as excited about, so that when you do get an interview for your dream job you will be more prepared. AI tools like Chat GPT can help you with crafting your resume and knowing what interview questions to study. 

Whether you are looking for a new job or trying to advance within your current position, it can be helpful to seek career coaching and assistance with writing your resume. Make sure you are not just using the exact same answers in every interview, even if they ask the same questions. Tailor your resume and your interview answers to the needs of the specific position you are applying for. 


  • “There's a lot of AI tools out there that can help you with your job search.” (2:51-2:55 | Fatemah) 

  • “The first thing you have to do is know your numbers, know what's out there in the market, what's an acceptable rate.” (3:59-4:05 | Fatemah)

  • “Have regular meetings with your higher ups where you are discussing what further areas of growth the organization is looking to explore.” (6:23-6:30 | Fatemah)

  • “Use a very simple, plain black and white resume, because if it's even a little bit fancy or it doesn't look the most traditional, an applicant tracking system might have a hard time parsing through it and reading it.” (8:12-8:24 | Fatemah)


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