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The People Dividend Podcast

Nov 28, 2023

Great leaders are made, not born, and it starts with becoming coachable. In this solo episode of the Authentic Change Podcast, host Mike Horne, dives into the transformative world of leadership with insights from the book "Becoming Coachable" by Scott Osmond, Jacqueline Lane, and Marshall Goldsmith. Mike, with his rich experience providing leadership coaching to technical leaders and their teams, expertly navigates through the crucial aspects of personal growth and leadership development.

Bringing his vast experience in executive coaching and organizational development to the forefront, Mike discusses the changing landscape of modern workplaces. He emphasizes the need for building trust and strong relationships in an era increasingly shaped by technologies like artificial intelligence. Challenging conventional work-life balance notions, he advocates for a more integrated approach, blending personal and professional lives seamlessly.

A significant focus of the episode is on the power of self-awareness in leadership. Mike, with his credentials in various coaching methodologies and leadership programs, underscores the importance of authenticity and the alignment of thoughts, words, and actions for achieving personal satisfaction and professional success. Drawing from his own book, "Integrity by Design," Mike shares insights into living and working with authenticity.

Mike also commends "Becoming Coachable" for its deep dive into leadership styles, the intricacies of coaching relationships, and adaptability to change. He highlights the critical role of creating a culture of coachability and self-discovery within organizations, a concept crucial for HR leaders and professionals.

Visit for more information and to access valuable resources, including a sample chapter of "Integrity by Design" and the 52 Meditations guides. Join the community of people-centered leadership and strive for a world where integrity, authenticity, and growth are at the core of all actions and decisions.


  • “If you want to be a decent leader, you need to be known for managing your teams effectively, promoting growth, exhibiting confidence in your authority and your power and accountability. Because working with remarkable people comes an enormous continuous cycle of self-improvement where coaching comes into play and operating at a peak efficiency. It's not just something that we desire. It's almost downright necessary in the pace, in the speed at which innovation occurs.” (13:13 | Mike Horne)

  • “What I have found among certainly influential leaders worldwide with whom I have worked is recognition of the power of coachability.” (13:52 | Mike Horne) 

  • “We are always talking, as does Becoming Coachable, about the power of self-awareness and how it's so important to know yourself in order to grow others. And there are plenty of examples that they bring and some techniques that will help you on this journey of self-discovery that I think you can only get when you work directly one-on-one with a coach like myself. And that's what I'd encourage.” (15:59 | Mike Horne) 



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