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The People Dividend Podcast

Dec 5, 2023

In this inspiring episode of the Authentic Change Podcast, host Mike Horne sits down with entrepreneur Robert Indries. Robert's journey from a humble family in Romania to the helm of multiple seven-figure businesses is nothing short of remarkable. He delves into his initial dreams of engineering and how a dissatisfaction with corporate leadership and culture pivoted him towards entrepreneurship.

Robert opens up about the formidable early years of his business venture, where profits were virtually non-existent for the first three years. Yet, in a dramatic turn during the fourth year, his business skyrocketed, hitting over a million dollars in revenue. The key, he reveals, was fostering a workplace culture that empowers employees to think and act like entrepreneurs, focusing on their overall well-being.

The conversation takes a personal turn as Robert discusses how he overcame dyslexia. He shares his love for extensive reading and writing articles as a means to conquer this challenge. Robert also offers a glimpse into his lifestyle choices that contribute to his success - from abstaining from smoking to limiting coffee and sugar and embracing a mostly vegan diet.

Robert emphasizes the significance of small, consistent actions in the pursuit of success. He advocates for setting clear visions, identifying strategic priorities, and establishing quarterly goals to steadily advance towards these objectives. He highlights the importance of mindfulness and finding joy in the journey, rather than depending solely on habits.

Robert imparts valuable advice on productivity and time management. He encourages listeners to prioritize their objectives, break them into smaller, actionable tasks, and concentrate on activities that directly drive towards their goals. This approach, he shares, has been instrumental in the success of both his businesses and personal life.

Listeners are left with a wealth of insights into not just building a thriving business, but also overcoming life's hurdles and living a balanced, fulfilling life. This episode is a testament to the power of resilience, vision, and strategic action in achieving entrepreneurial success and personal well-being.


“Okay, I'm going to cure this, I'm going to literally put in the time to read all of these books, write all of these articles, practice reading, practice writing like crazy for one to two years or more, as much as it takes so that I don't have this issue any longer.” (9:19 | Robert Indries)

“Many people feel that they have to choose. It's either career or health or it's either career or children or family or whatever, things of that nature. I always believe it's both. You can have an amazing career. You can be very successful financially. You can have an amazing relationship with your spouse and family. You can be very, very healthy and so on and so forth. As long as you implement the correct systems in your life, you should be able to have all of that.” (17:04 | Robert Indries) 

“Anything you can do, write it down, and then you do it one day at a time.” (25:04 | Robert Indries) 


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