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The People Dividend Podcast

Dec 12, 2023

Can your intuition be the secret to gaining respect and fulfillment in both your career and personal life? Tune into this episode of the Authentic Change Podcast, where host Mike Horne sits down with Dr. Veronica Anderson, author of "Get the Respect You Deserve: Seven Secrets to Getting Heard in Your Job and in Your Relationship." Dr. Veronica isn't your typical guest; she's an Ivy-educated eye surgeon, a practicing psychic, a human design relationship coach, and a third-degree black belt in taekwondo. In this episode, she shares her personal story of feeling overlooked and underappreciated, despite her impressive credentials, and how this led to burnout in her ophthalmology career.

Dr. Veronica discusses the challenge many high-achieving women face in finding recognition and respect in their professional lives. She talks about the necessity for leaders to look after their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being and the power of trusting one's intuition. She also introduces the concept of human design, a tool to help understand individual strengths and navigate the world more effectively.

The conversation then turns to intuition in decision-making and problem-solving, particularly in improving personal and professional relationships. Dr. Veronica explains that while everyone has intuition, many haven't learned to use or trust it. She shares her experiences as a medical intuitive, where she offers insights and guidance beyond what traditional Western medicine provides. Dr. Veronica highlights tools like the Kolbe Index for enhancing talent acquisition and team building by understanding cognitive abilities and natural action styles. She stresses the importance of self-understanding and understanding others to foster productive work environments.

Overall, this episode sheds light on the intersection of intuition and authenticity in professional and personal development. Dr. Veronica's unique blend of experiences and professional training provides a unique perspective on finding respect and fulfillment in life.


  • “I'm what's called a quick start, which means I'm a visionary, innovator, fire, aim, ready type person. I come up with ideas. I'm very impulsive. I am naturally intuitive in my brain and in my energy. And so being a doctor where you got to stay in the box, was boring but also just hard work for me because I wasn't in the flow of where I should be. And this is important for HR professionals to hear because you will see somebody that looks like a superstar and then they seem to crash and burn.” (9:30 | Dr. Veronica Anderson)

  • “Every illness and injury or mental problem that you're having is a signal from the universe of some kind of spiritual issue that's going on in you.” (18:30 | Dr. Veronica Anderson)

  • “Trust, learn about your intuition and use it and follow it above everything else. It will never fail you.” (36:59 | Dr. Veronica Anderson)



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